like wolves. like smoke. like the rest of the fucking world.

March 23, 2010

poetry or prose? who the fuck knows.

So, I figured it's about time I kept track of some of my poetry and lyrics and shit, and posted some of them to share with the big ol' internet. Hopefully you find them tasteful, or good. Or shitty. That's fine by me too.

Command & Conquer

We set into war
all four fronts.
I held the knife
on his throat,
gave force and
exhausted his voice.

And to the top of their tower
I did climb.
Sat down, and
felt the world revolve around me
for the very first time.

The monuments you see.
In those pictures, is me.

But as the supports
gave way,
And the tower fell to
the ground.
I realized that feeling,
of my world tumbling down.

& another one for ye...

(Working Title) Sincerely Yours?

My morality's a lost cause.
Or so i'm told.
i've lived a life according to images;
Propaghanda i've been sold.

Am i supposed to react this way?
Is this their form of
following suit?
Tag us.
Seperate us.
In hopes of creating segregated groups
of the simplest terms;
the most convenient definitions.

But there are
Those who question,
those who believe.
And in a world of unseen belief,
there's no telling between.

Thanks for reading kids.
If you have questions about em, ask away and shit.

much love.

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