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May 06, 2010

mother may i

Clever title, I know. Much like the rest of the junk I post here.
I'm still trying to figure out if people read this or not. So if you reading this and thinking to yourself "motherfucker, this is good (and/or bad)!" then you should drop me a line on f-book or on here so I can acknowledge your greatness in full form.
Now, back to the matter at hand; A bigger piece, something different. Dedicated to and taking direct influence from the mother fuckin' man himself, Rod Serling.

"Every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull"
- Rod Serling

a conversation with yourself

(universe: present
self: adolescent
universe: parallel
self: withheld)

“i’ve only one question
to ask of you.
so please don’t misinform.
in a future life
is my name in lights?
am i worth having been born?”


“we all chase a dream
that may or may not
be reality.
but to share further details
would surely entail
the destroying of a plot,
that of which
has yet to be thought.”


“so destroy, i ask you!
throw these morals to the dirt,
let my secrets be unearthed.
i’m dying to know
what the fuck
i’ve been living for.”


“after all this time?
after all our hard work?
this prophecy you demand,
defiles all of it’s worth.”


“i asked you not,
for precautions,
i asked only to be taught
in the lessons of my future.
now, go on.
destroy the plot.”


“you’ve asked,
now i’ll deliver.
your future needs
no longer be considered.
it is now in your hands
to appease your wishes
and fulfill your demands.
but beware of one thing,
a dangerous,
little nothing.
known only as
what could have been,
will lie large
on your shoulders.
the inexorable consequence
of becoming your own

For the 2nd act, here's a piece I wrote for my graduation ceremony. Refelections and shit.


a life lesson
that leaves us
how we ended up
in the first place.
why can’t we stay?

nothing gold remains.

sensitive issues
probing muscle
and tissue.
our contemplation.
the reluctance to
the indignation to
embed it in my brain:

nothing gold remains.

Now, haven't you learned something?
Thanks for reading and come see my band Allen Smithee play in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on May 25th and 28th. Check us out on Facebook for further details.

Damn right,

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