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June 07, 2010


I decided to add a little touch of real blog here this month, by exposing to you all my recent obsession with a South Korean pop group 4minute.
I stumbled upon (not using the browser app of the same name) this group a long while ago thanks to a friend. I forgot all about it until one slow evening in May, wherein I found myself scouring the internet —as fucking usual—and a video called 4minute-Hot Issue Live (HD) came up on the homepage. I proceeded onwards and watched this group of 5 amazingly attractive oriental girls (who I later found out were aged from 16-18, score.) perform their song and dance. It turned out to be insanely catchy and plus, it totally helped that the girls in the video were — as I said before — ridiculously attractive.
Fast forward to right now. In the past week I have: downloaded as many of their songs as I could possibly find on the information highway we call the internet, downloaded 2 of their music videos, changed my background to a picture of the group and am now writing a god damned blog about these girls. I think using the term "obsessed" has become a pretty fuckin' safe bet.
What it is about 4minute that has grasped me so strongly and refuses to let go, I'll never be positive of. But I've collected a series of hypothesises in order to try and explicate this obsession.
First off, I'm clearly attracted to the girls. Check. Secondly, I hate western Top 40 music. The most mainstream artist in my library? Lady Gaga. And she's pretty fucked up by Billboard's standards. So, in accordance with that, I've befriended this Korean Top 40 band in order to get my fill of the drab that modern Pop music is. And finally, the music is just fucking intoxicating. It feels nice to not understand the lyrics and to not be constantly judging an artist in accordance to their lyrics and intelligence. Basically, 4minute is like my getaway. My strange, fucked up, Korean girl getaway. And you should all hop on board because the ride is fucking incredible.
That's gay.
Now here's some poetry...


pass the filler.
i’m a “gimmicks”
kinda man.
at a loss
amongst struggle.
so i can understand.

you feed me.
it brings me.

consume the perishables,
perishing consumer.
amongst the vultures,
our reasoning
you’ll understand.

we feed you.
it brings you.

to the point
of a programmed
in the light
of the man.

to conceit you,
you’ve let it
defeat you.

sometimes its the parasite,
that keeps us alive.

The following is an open letter to all the kids who are still trapped in their shit hole town. Stay out of trouble, kids. You'll make it out someday.

friendly enough?

Still hanging around
godforsaken town?

_wake up_
It won’t just

All the names,
all the places.
Old friends,
old faces.
They hold
like a noose
‘round your neck.

I’ll be long
by the time
you’ve moved on.
(The scum of the earth
doesn’t move at fast pace.)

And your
won’t help.
What’s the use?
What is felt?
A hole is no
for a man.

_wake up_
Life’s calling
Strictly appalling.
Change the pace;
Change the place;
Change the times.

What does
all this mean?
But the simplest of things.
I can only hope that
you fucks understand.

Thanks for reading. I know it probably ate up alot of your time. But, if you're like me, there's probably nothing better for you to be doing right now than reading some goofy teenager's blogspot website. So for that reason, I've attached the video responsible for my recent obsession. And just so you know, the hottest one (Hyuna) is the red head in the front. Fuck yes.

<3 dalton.

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