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June 24, 2010

you need to lighten up, man.

It has been argued that existence itself has no ultimate meaning, and rather, humans themselves have the capacity—and the need—to fulfill their lives in a "meaningful" fashion. From this I've deducted that there exists three types of people; three lifestyles; three ways that human beings fulfill their hunger for a life with meaning.
Person A is probably the most regular of the three. Person A is the kind of human that goes about living their life normally, but whose character makes up for their normality. Person A strives on popularity and attention, and a meaningful life in their eyes means being remembered; having a legacy; leaving their dirty footprint on the carpet of society.
Person B is the most powerful of the group. Person B looks upwards at all times, is optimistic in their future and forgiving in their past. A meaningful life for Person B means appeasing a god or a higher power. Person B is regularly religious and always spiritual. Person B strives on obeying; following suit; pursuing the unknown.
Person C is the coward of the three. Person C lives in fear; despair; and worry. Person C lives their life out of fear that after it's all said and done; there's nothing for them. Nihilists and realists alike can often be seen as Person C. Person C claims that a meaningful life comes with living in the moment, but it's hard to lose track of time when you're counting down.
Sit back; Ask yourself who you are (if any). What have you been living for? What will you be living for now?

I do need to lighten up.
Now, here's something you've probably never seen before.


collective, concerned
serving, waiting, depending upon
internal conflict of interest, a team of opposites
questioning, knowing, seeing
evaluative, blunt

this has been abstract at best.
more shit on the way;

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