like wolves. like smoke. like the rest of the fucking world.

July 11, 2010

who's next over here?

The necessity to belong.
The necessity to be accepted;
to be loved;
to be admired.
One of our most primal, simplistic needs. Yet one that can be amongst the most difficult to fulfill.
in light of this I present this new piece:

All and All

the fucking elephant
in the room.
It won't stop
staring at me.
Piecing apart my heart;
Tearing up my soul.
Let's put this beast
where it belongs.
Nail in the coffin;
Bones in the dirt.

Your suspense is killing me,
I can't stop looking back.
Untie my noose,
I'm sick of hanging around.
either let me go
embrace me.

This suspense is unwelcoming,
but I feel just at home.



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