like wolves. like smoke. like the rest of the fucking world.

June 28, 2011

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It's been far too long and this post will be far too short to make up for it. Not that anybody pays attention to this shit anyways.

words on civil disobedience:

I'm sorry, am I disrupting the signals? I realize I'm the sore thumb of this hand, but I'm still good for something. It's not my fault you're incapable of concluding. It's not my fault you'd prefer to divide.
We're all broken cogs in this imperfect machine, trying to pull each others weight. But until one of us budges, none of us move and we'll remain enslaved to a flurry of algorithms that of which none of us comprehend; just going through the motions and accepting the minimal action we're given.

Fuck it.
i'll be back.


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